Avoid Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 True-Up Costs!

Do you know if your organization is in complete compliance with your Microsoft Dynamics AX licencing? If the answer is “No” or simply “I don’t know” you could be on the path to upwards of $400,000 in true-up costs. Do NOT let this happen to you!

mcaConnect and FASTPATH, the premiere Microsoft Dynamics AX security and auditing ISV, have teamed up to ensure that you are compliant with all facets of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 software. Our Analysis will not only tell you with 100% certainty if your company is in compliance with your AX licensing, it will also provide you with a a full set of detailed reports around your current security setup. Not only do we cover standard out-of-the-box AX roles, but we also analyze any custom roles that may have been created.

See If You're In Compliance!

We don’t just tell you there’s a problem – we help you fix it!

What Your Analysis Includes
User License Count - Tells you exactly how many licenses you are using at the various license levels: Enterprise, Functional, Task and Self-Serve.
User Role List - List of roles that each named user is assigned and each company to which each role applies.
User License List - License level per user, how many entry points they have, and if they have access to a System Administrator Role.
Role License Details - Report breaking down, by role, every security object touched, the type of security object, the access level a user is granted, and the associated license level.
Role License List - A summary of each role, its license level, and the number of entry points per license level.
Our Recommendations - We determine your licensing compliance status, calculate your license true-up costs, and provide a strategy to reduce your true-up costs.
Additional Details

This deal is only for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 

The cost of our Microsoft Dynamics AX True-Up Analysis is $7,500; quite the deal considering that something as simple as granting access to a single menu item can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in licensing true-up costs.