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Driving Value Through CRM – Webinar - Event Date: Aug 13 2015

The key to driving value with CRM:
Build it so they can’t live without it!

Too many companies use CRM like it’s just a fancy shared rolodex, which they have to force people to use. That’s not the way it should be. The goal of your CRM implementation should be to make your people say things like:

“How did we possibly live without CRM for so long?
We should have done this YEARS ago!”

Have you ever had your Internet go down and people suddenly are at a loss for what to do? That’s how important your CRM system should become to your company. That’s when you know you are driving true business value! CRM becomes a normal part of day-to-day operations that accelerates how efficiently things get done. Your team improves collaboration, which allows you to quickly pinpoint priorities, trends and concerns.

How do you get those types of results?  Fill out the form below to download a recording of our Key to Driving Value Through CRM webinar to learn:

  • The power of getting your team involved – early and often
  • The one thing that drives user adoption rates through the roof
  • The types of results other manufacturing, engineering services firms have seen
  • Where you should focus first

Watch the webinar on-demand here!