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IT Leadership Speakeasy Mixer, Santa Clara - Event Date: Jun 23 2016

Winning the Battle Over Shadow IT

Join Microsoft, mcaConnect, and Bay Area IT Executives for a fun and informative speakeasy event where you will take a mixology crash course and learn how to perfect three classic cocktails, exchange ideas around overcoming the most pressing challenges facing IT leaders today, and hear from technology experts on how Microsoft’s most modern cloud platforms are helping businesses reinvent enterprise applications.

During this event you will:

  • Hear from technology experts about the latest cloud platform capabilities from Microsoft and how they’re helping businesses quickly and cost effectively establish enterprise
  • Hone your mixology skills during a 30 minute lesson on making the perfect classic cocktail
  • Receive 11-piece mixology set from Crate & Barrel that you can add your newly acquired bar spoon/muddler to.

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