Meet Our Grads

Employee Q&A


One of mcaConnect’s Rising Stars: Leah

Dynamics AX Technical Consultant

Tell me about yourself. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to college – and what did you study there? What was your previous career path like?

I grew up in Nashville and went to the University of Alabama where I studied computer science.  I always knew that I wanted to work with computers.  I have lived in Philadelphia with my husband for the past three years.

I see that you have worked here for roughly a year, can you tell me how you became connected with mcaConnect?

I was bored with my previous job, it was the same thing every day; my job was good, but not great.  Chris, an mcaConnect Recruiter, contacted me about a position at mcaConnect.  It was almost so good, I didn’t want to believe it.  It’s great to work for a company that chooses to invest in you.

After interviewing, what drew you to mcaConnect? In other words, why did you choose mcaConnect over other companies that you may have interviewed with?

I get to work from home which is a great option.  The flexibility opens up more options.  I get pretty attached to my work, so if I need to runs errands during the day, I can. You don’t do the same thing every day.  There is a joy of watching a customer’s face light up when they realize that this offering can do things that they never imagined.

Did upper management help you through the adjustment process?

The mcaConnect employees and managers were all very kind and spent time investing in me and helping me through any questions I had.  There is a huge knowledge base in our team.

If you can think back, what were the main challenges that you faced as a recent hire?

Microsoft (Dynamics) Dynamics AX is huge.  Knowledge is a challenge. Having patience. But it is that same challenge that makes me love my job.

It is evident that you have experienced enviable growth within just a year, how do you feel that you achieved this growth and reputation? In other words, what steps did you take from being a recent hire to progressing within the company?

People were really kind and spent time investing in me.  You have to be willing to put your time in and have patience with yourself and your customers.

You are obviously still at mcaConnect. What do you like best about working here? Elaborate, if you can, on the company culture.

I like the people and I enjoy the interactions with them that I get to experience. Working from home is definitely a plus.  But the employees at McaConnect are a team.  The culture includes working together and striving for a common goal – customer satisfaction.

What type of person would thrive here at mcaConnect?

Somebody who likes the challenge and is a team player.

Lastly, where do you see yourself going? What’s ahead? 

That’s a good question. I don’t know that I know the answer.  mcaConnect is growing quickly, so I don’t know yet.



One of mcaConnect’s Rising Stars: Audrey

CRM Consultant

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Quebec Canada and I graduated from a small university.

What was it like becoming an employee?

I had an amazing welcoming experience when I joined SaleMetrix and I was quickly integrated into the team.  2 months later we got acquired by mcaConnect and I felt good about it.  It was a big step as SalesMetrix was a smaller company and the employees had poured their hearts and time into the company.  It feels like a smaller family that is growing bigger.  The CRM team is happy that mcaConnect has such a good culture like ours.

Did upper management help you through the adjustment process? If so, who was a main “mentor”, and how did this person help?

Madeline was my appointed mentor.  She’s been there for absolutely everything. It’s been crazy good.  There is so much knowledge, so much wisdom here.  We have such great teamwork; if you don’t know how to do something, they will spell it out for you.  When the acquisition occurred they walked me through it, which showed me that they do care about me as an individual.

It is evident that you have experienced enviable growth within just a year, how do you feel that you achieved this growth and reputation?  What steps did you take from being a recent hire to progressing within the company?

Everyone takes a lot of time to just listen, especially when you don’t know all of the answers.  I feel I am here to learn and this environment has definitely given me the opportunity for growth.  The highest executives in the company see the value in hiring younger people and the power of the younger generation.  They see value in us.  I have been so blessed. I couldn’t think of a better place to be.

What do you like best about working here?

Teamwork and support.  The relationship aspect.  The events that we do together.  Being included, even when they don’t really know me yet.

What type of person would thrive here at mcaConnect?

Somebody who doesn’t withhold information because THEY want to have the answer.  A very proactive person.

Lastly, where do you see yourself going? What’s ahead? (your personal vision within the company)

The beauty of it is that I don’t know. Advancement and self-fulfillment comes from different places – there is definitely opportunity for this here, and growth in everything that I do.



One of mcaConnect’s Rising Stars: Anthony

Dynamics AX Technical Consultant

Describe your experience as an AX Technical Consultant with mcaConnect.

My experience so far with mcaConnect has been a great one.  It takes a very forward thinking company to allocate the resources to not only train people new to the AX/ERP world for months, but to also sacrifice one of their best developers to run the training course.  In my opinion, this willingness to invest in themselves is one of the reasons that mcaConnect  was named Microsoft Dynamics partner of the year this year. My experience is slightly different than that of my classmates, as I’d spent the last 7 ½ years as a consultant/developer.  That time spent in the industry gave me a wide enough frame of reference  to see that mcaConnect does it the right way.

What is your favorite thing about mcaConnect?

From a technology standpoint, Dynamics AX is kind of a development “diamond in the rough”.  Those familiar with C# will find that the X++ language is very similar in style and structure, so you’re able to hit the ground running when you enter training if you come from a .Net development environment.  If I were to go back to the day that I made the decision to come to mcaConnect – I’d make the same decision 100 times out of a 100.



One of mcaConnect’s Rising Stars: Ziyin

Dynamics AX Technical Consultant

What are some of the benefits of working at mcaConnect?

In MCA, it’s like a continuous development on your career track as an IT professional from your college program. Tech Leads are willing to spend the whole morning to help me understand why and how the code can be further improved. We do not only focus on the pure logic for ERP development, but also concentrate on how these system customizations can really help our clients’ business. At MCA, we always emphasis the importance of best practices in ERP development and how these little details can truly help us in boosting clients’ business efficiency and distinguish us from other teams.

Did you enjoy the company’s Dynamics AX training program?

In DCOE, our manager is sitting with us side by side, coaching us using the real projects from clients. In week two, we can already develop our first project and gain much more real world experience as the program progresses. The DCOE environment is relaxing and fun. The manager is really helpful and willing to coach you in different aspects for reaching your career goals.



One of mcaConnect’s Rising Stars: Mel

Application Consultant

Describe your experience at the Dynamics AX training.

Overall, the experience was a positive one, and even with my previous exposure to AX2009, I believe the training itself was necessary and beneficial for two reasons:

  1. Introduction and overview of AX2012 content – The boot camp allowed me the time to become very familiar with the functionality, look, and flow of 2012.  In many ways it was the same as 2009, but in many ways it is very different; processes that I could do in my sleep in 2009 (e.g., issue and receive a PO) took a little time to re-learn.
  2. Networking with other Partners and Microsoft team members – This part of it was invaluable to me, as I have never been on the consultant side of the table before.  However, by being able to meet and interact with many consultants from different partners and backgrounds (some new, some experienced), I was able to ask a lot of questions and learn about their experiences.  I left the Fargo training more confident than ever that I had made the correct move professionally.