Become a Data-Driven Organization

The more information you have, the better decisions you can make. mcaConnect can help you gather and interpret your enterprise data – from any data source.

We begin our projects with a detailed examination your business – as it is today and as you’d like it to be in the future. The first step is for us to have a series of conversations with your executive and operations teams. The most efficient method is to have a 2-3 hour analytics scoping session workshop with everyone in attendance. To learn more about our analytics scoping session, scroll down.

Request a Free Analytics Scoping Session

Discover how your organization can become more efficient and how you can improve your decision making through the power of analytics!

By the end everyone will have an understanding of:
The key business indicators – (KPIs) you measure (or want to measure)
Which data we could gather to drive decisions, trigger alerts and automate workflows
Problem areas surrounding the existing analytics gathering processes
Which analytics tools you are using and/or might use to accomplish your goals
Limitations you have in making changes to your business processes
Limitations you have in extracting or interpreting data
What Occurs After the Session

Typically within a few days after this analytics scoping session, we’ll be able to present you with a roadmap and work plan required to implement a system that will satisfy your business needs. However, note that on larger projects, it may take more than 1 scoping session to uncover and document the entirety of the project.