Webinar: Segregation of Duties: The Increasing Burden of Proof

A key concept in placing internal controls over a company’s assets is Segregation of Duties.


Segregation of Duties (SOD) is not just needed for big companies. This concept is important for businesses of all sizes for two key purposes: It ensures that there is oversight and review to catch errors. It helps prevent fraud or theft since it requires two people to hide a transaction.

In  this webinar from mcaConnect and Fastpath, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of segregation of duties
  • Best practices on implementing SOD within your business
  • How to implement segregation of duties using Microsoft Dynamics
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About the presenters:
Paul Vaughan
Paul Vaughan
Paul Vaughan is Project Manager for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations at mcaConnect. He manages the transition of newly implemented ERP customers to a Managed Services model of support. With over 20 years of industry experience, Paul has specialized knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (previously known as AX).
Andy Snook
Andy Snook
Andy Snook is President and CEO of Fastpath, a Microsoft Partner and leading provider of audit, compliance and security solutions for mid-market companies and organizations.