Resume Tips

As a Dynamics 365 Consultant/Technology Professional, your resume gets tons of views. However, there are so many formats…which one should use? Don’t you worry—we have a solution for that! No matter who reviews your resume—whether it is a recruiter, hiring manager, the Human Resources department, an administrative assistant or an Executive—this format will be easy to read and will effectively communicate your skills and experience.

Page One

Contact Information

  • Easy to read
  • Modern, clean font
  • Professional email address
  • One phone number
  • Local address

Professional Experience

  • Name and location of company, dates, and title of relevant positions
  • Accomplishment statements (3-6 bullets each)
  • Influential people you have worked with

Skills & Certifications

  • Name skills that set you apart
  • List relevant skills to the job you are applying for

Page Two

  • Most resumes today are two pages
  • Put your contact information on both pages


  • Recent education first
  • No need for a GPA
  • Name and location of each school and type of degree
  • Relevant courses
  • Include awards and honors

Additional Skills

  • Make yourself unique!
  • Add relevant skills and interests

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