It’s Time to Start Your Career

And the best way to start it is with an experience that gives you the opportunity to learn and invest in yourself. At MCA Connect you’ll have the opportunity to help companies become more efficient and productive through the use of technology and business expertise, which in turn will build your value as a professional.

When you join the MCA Connect team you’ll be able to learn from, and be mentored by the top consultants in the industry. Combine that with your career aspirations of becoming the next expert in ERP and CRM implementations, and you’re on the fast track to providing technology solutions to customers across the globe.

Sounds exciting, right? Before you dive-in head first, here’s a few things you can expect when entering the fast-paced life of consulting.


Voices From Student Hires

What to expect as a consultant…
You’ll be the “cool” teacher

As a consultant this is your opportunity to become the (cool) teacher. As a consultant, your primary role isn’t to make the business decision. It’s to educate the customer on how to best utilize technology and best practices to increase productivity and efficiency. So after sitting in lecture halls and classrooms the past several years listening, it’s time for you to shine as the instructor, and help customers make the best decision.

You’re the problem solver

You’ll get to solve problems, and who doesn’t like being a problem solver?
Customers will present challenges to you, and it’s your job to use business expertise and the tools at hand to craft solutions for their problems. It’s not always an easy solution, but if you like a good challenge on a daily basis, this environment is one in which you’ll thrive.

You get to visit new places & meet new people

As an added bonus, you’ll get to travel and make connections with business professionals across the country – with the underlying benefit of living anywhere your heart desires. Think about it… You can expand your horizons by kick-starting your career in any city you like. Not a bad option to have when starting your life as a professional.

You’ll have the fun career

You can expect to have fun! You’re investing in yourself when you become a consultant, and it’s an investment that will be well worth the reward. There’s a feeling of self-gratification when the project you’ve been working on for months goes live, or you present a solution that fuels a business process. Helping customers succeed is exciting stuff, and if your idea of a good time is success, then you’ve come to the right place!

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