Swenka’s Story

Swenka’s story – A tale of three attractions

We must ask ourselves, “What attracts us to a company or a firm? What can entice us to push further than we have in the past?” There are many answers to these questions, and one is not more important than another. For me, the most attractive commodities of being an MCA consultant is the lifestyle and culture. It is what sets us apart from our competitors and even our own customers. It is our resources, our intellect, our methodology–in a single word–our creativity. Without surprise, this also has the benefit of attracting visibility and people who want to see what we are all about.
I spent my early career as a customer. I’ve worked on AX 4.0, 2009, 2012 (all flavors), AX7 CTP4+, Dynamics365 For Operations, Dynamics365 for Finance and Operations Enterprise Edition, Dynam…well, if I keep listing them, you will fall asleep.

From an industry perspective, as a customer, I had a humble beginning as an engineer at a local BioTech company that produced synthetic DNA and RNA. From there, I’ve worked in the entertainment industry with a company that had Axapta hooked up directly to a backdoor API for Apple iTunes. Since then I’ve hit Distribution, Discrete & other Process manufacturers, Retailers, and then found my way back to Life Sciences. That is when I was approached by Chris Reed, an MCA Connect employee who told me about a growing consulting firm called MCA Connect.

The first thing that appealed to me was the flexibility.

Work from home, work on site at a customer, fly, and everything in between. I’ve been on implementations across the globe. From Iowa, to San Diego, to Singapore, to Belgium.

The ability to fly and earn all of the points for myself was a huge win. I’ve been able to take my wife (my rock) on vacations to St. Thomas and Paris on all the points I’ve earned from working at MCA:

The second draw I had to MCA was the opportunity to evangelize with the masses.

MCA actively fosters and encourages an ethos of Positivity and Creativity. MCA has been supportive of my Microsoft MVP activities and actively sends me where I’m needed most by the community:

The third and ultimate allure is the bar of excellence.

MCA doesn’t hire everyone. They hire the best. My colleagues have gone through a stern and proven hiring process. We all have experience in some area or another, but if we are MCA employees it means we have met a bar, a standard. As a Technical Solution Architect, I have confidence that when I assign an Azure interface, a PowerBI analytical Workspace, or a general Extension request, my team will do the right thing.

At MCA, our development best practice is Extension period. We do NOT over layer when it comes to Dynamics365. We will never sacrifice our customers upgradeability for the easy customization. If it cannot be done via Extension, we will not do it period. My teams are agile and we push forward on three-week sprints:

When it comes to development management, I hold my team(s) to a three-week cadence. For each customer we keep the backlog at bay by holding Sprint Review and Sprint Planning sessions. We know what is available for us to work on, and what our team capacity is for turnaround time. This helps us make commitments to our customers without fear of over-promising and under-delivering.

MCA is on a larger DevOps journey. We’re not perfect; we don’t fix things overnight. However, we do understand milestones and the way we work is always improving and evolving. I help ensure this, and the Executive team at MCA is very supportive of our desire for agility.

As one of my mentors used to say, “Desire defies reason.” If you have a desire for lifestyle flexibility, evangelism, or excellence I would love to hear from you. We won’t let you down. We will lift you up!

If you have questions for me contact me on LinkedIn and mention this article.

If you’d like to apply for a job with MCA Connect please forward your information to careers@mcaconnect.com.

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