Energy IT Solutions: EnergyCONNECT

Our EnergyCONNECT oil and gas solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. From energy exploration to managing midstream operations, EnergyCONNECT helps you reduce administrative overhead and optimize operations. Better manage equipment and assets. Distribute costs across multiple tickets, jobs, projects and owners. Stay in compliance with local and federal laws. Predictive analytics combined with built-in workflows reduce risk and increase productivity.


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Key Features and Benefits

Joint Venture Accounting

EnergyCONNECT handles all aspects of JIB, DOI, AFE and improved automation to core applications such as Enterprise Asset Management, Procurement and land systems.

Oilfield Rental Management

Maximize revenue opportunities and minimize unnecessary expenses by optimizing your equipment rentals using EnergyCONNECT.

Authorization for Expenditure

Control costs and manage investor expectations by managing, communicating, and obtaining project budget approval.

AFE Management

Joint Venture Accounting

Oilfield Rentals


Accelerate the timeline of your ERP implementation.

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