Financial Planning & Analysis (FP and A)

Gain the ability to build your own forecasts, budgets and reports at both the operational and financial level – without even involving your IT department. Entries can have any level of detail and can either roll forward or roll back from your goal. Use one of our dynamic pre-built models to get up and running faster – but can still easily change as your business changes.

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Financial Charts

Features and Benefits

Reduce Budget Cycles by Weeks,
or Months

Our FP&A solution delivers powerful spreading options for input and simplifies the data collection process, which can reduce budget cycles by weeks, or even months.

Near Real- Time Insights

The insights are more reliable because data is validated and pulled live “in real time” from the source line of business systems.

Simplified and Automated Planning Process

This tool makes the process so simplified it can easily be repeated, giving companies an opportunity to create forecasts more frequently, providing greater accuracy.

Power BI Business Analytics

Power BI

Consolidate and simplify your data from various sources with Power BI, resulting in visual dashboards that are easy-to-consume and understand.

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