An Automotive Supplier Solution Built for Speed.

AutoCONNECT is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution that provides capabilities for a broad range of customer-facing and manufacturing workflows specific to automotive industry requirements.

The solution provides a modern platform to manage sales, finance and manufacturing needs within a single automotive solution.


AutoCONNECT helps manage:

  • RFQ Responses
  • Sales Proposals
  • Sales Process
  • Multi-Period Forecasting
  • Product Design
  • Production Planning
  • Financial Analysis

Key Features

  • Forecasting Capacity Planning

  • Automotive Extension to Dynamics 365

  • CRM Bid Response Management Solution

  • IoT & Analytics Reporting

Key Benefits

Win More Bids

Speed-up and better manage the RFQ response process, ensuring you receive the proper approvals as you go

Cut Manufacturing Costs

Streamline APQP process, reduce dependence on engineering resources & continually adjust costs and timelines

Create Accurate Forecasts

Leverage industry forecasting to parse industry information and OEM planning data to see individual inventory forecasts

Why Choose AutoCONNECT?

AutoCONNECT provides support in Dynamics 365 for sales & management workstreams critical to automotive business processes.

AutoCONNECT helps you:

  • Manage the window between bid and production with better preparation for program launch
  • Centrally manage bid documentation and data while managing spreadsheets, tracking emails, and reducing meetings
  • Optimize manufacturing resources to maximize shop floor capacity
  • Gain greater insight with connect shop floor systems

The Results?

20% Increase in Efficiency

Less time spent managing the process

10% Increase in Bids Won

Quicker, more accurate responses increase your close rate

40% Fewer Meetings

The system does all the work of keeping people up-to-date

Request free demo of AutoCONNECT

Request free demo of AutoCONNECT