Lean Manufacturing Software

For manufacturers dealing with numerous vendors, multiple interfaces, complex information flows, asynchronous processing and poor visibility into orders, materials, and production can hide a lot of small inefficiencies that add up to big costs. With the right technology tools and lean practices, manufacturers can systematically identify and eliminate plant floor inefficiencies. That translates into lower costs, better customer service and bigger profits.

How We Do It

Let us help you pinpoint the best ways to reduce waste in your organization. Our proprietary LeanCONNECT helps design and implement future state value stream maps using data from any ERP system. If you’re just beginning your lean journey, we can help your team understand and adopt lean principles and processes. We then tailor Dynamics 365 for Operations to use kanban, kaizen, heijunka-board production leveling, just-in-time operations, and other key functions.

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Eliminate Waste

Identify and eliminate plant floor inefficiencies. Achieve demand-driven production and increase replenishment efficiency.

Map Your Value Streams

Enhance visibility, assess true costs, and provide critical information to those best positioned to make decisions and improve processes

Free Up Resources

Reduce complexity, save time, and optimize resources by automating routine business processes and eliminating manual handling.

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