Power BI

Use Power BI to experience Business Intelligence like never before. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. With the ability to bring together disparate systems and data sources, Power BI consolidates and simplifies your data, producing visual dashboards that are easy-to-consume and understand.

Power BI Business Analytics

Features and Benefits

Faster and Consistent Reporting

Less than 5 minutes. That is all it takes to start transforming your data into live dashboards and reports that’ll help you find answers to your company’s most important questions.

Nearly Real-Time Insights Through Data Visualization

Visualize your data in a wide assortment of easy-to-understand graphs and charts showing scheduling, forecasting, clusters, corrections, decision trees…and more!

Improve Operational Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

Gain actionable insight to help improve your business by having a complete view of your organization in nearly real-time. Slice and dice to find trends and identify contributing factors.


Gain the ability to drill down into the detail with only one single source of validated data across your entire organization with our DataCONNECT data warehousing solution.

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