As CRM & ERP providers, we’ve created solution stacks for the industries we serve including tailored software, templates, dashboards and workflows to reduce the cost, complexity and timeline of your implementation while increasing software functionality and productivity.

Solution Sets

By taking a modern business system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and extending it with industry and solution accelerators, you get the best of both worlds - easy, intuitive software that works across the enterprise.


Take the fast track to getting the oil and gas industry functionality you need – from exploration to midstream operations.


Accelerate your Dynamics 365 for Operations implementation with pre-built discrete manufacturing settings, scheduling and lean solutions.


Create one version of the truth by consolidating enterprise data into one location, so information can be used to create actionable insight.

Industry Accelerators

Over the years, we’ve developed multiple industry accelerators that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 a perfect fit for specific needs.



Achieve the benefits of a lean manufacturing transformation significantly faster. Forecast savings before you undertake major changes in your business.


Easily push sales orders from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SAP ERP for processing and production without using middleware.

Voice of the Operator

Voice of the Operator

While analytics from your ERP system are excellent for providing insight about what happened, your technicians can provide clarity about why it happened.

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