Voice of the Operator

Want to find the root cause of your production problems? Start listening to the Voice of the Operator.

While analytics from your ERP system are excellent for providing insight about what happened, your technicians can provide clarity about why it happened. Adding Voice of the Operator functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you human context – at a scalable level.

How We Do It

The Voice of the Operator is an app connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365. When a problem arises, such as a production delay, the system triggers an alert to prompt the operator to investigate the problem. Once the operator has observed the situation, they report their findings in the system and if further action is needed, an automated service request is deployed. Management can then review the situation and the operator’s assessment of the problem’s causation to avoid similar issues from recurring in the future.

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Features and Benefits

Better Insight

Manufacturers can avoid problems from recurring by understanding and resolving the root causes

Improved Morale

Shop floor employees have a voice to tell management what’s really happening.

Increased Efficiency

Operator insight is collected seamlessly and scalably, right within the ERP system.


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