Company Culture

We’re inspired by our people. People who are inspired by their passions: world travelers, dads, writers, motorcycle enthusiasts (to name a few). MCA Connect employees share their thoughts on being a part of MCA Connect.

It’s the little things that make our jobs an experience. Whether it’s being trained when you start, flexible schedules and work locations, or just knowing that you can ask anyone for help…you’ll always have the support you need at MCA Connect.

Supportive. Subject Matter Experts. Respectful. MCA Connect’s people are all of this and more!

We’re problem solvers. We’re likeable, unapologetically honest experts. We’re business partners who are inspired by helping our customers realize their vision, so that they can focus on what matters.

Chad Carnes, employee at MCA Connect, talks about his “coming home” experience with MCA Connect.

We love to share stories from our employees because they are able to speak to our culture better than we could. Chad Carnes, Solution Architect at MCA Connect, has a unique experience you don’t want to miss!

Maddy’s personality comes alive in this work-from-home video where she offers some words of advice as well as talks about the culture of MCA Connect as a company.

Maddy Nevill, Director at MCA Connect, talks to her experience, the culture and the deep connections that she and others have made at MCA Connect.

There are three key ingredients to MCA Connect’s “secret sauce:” Culture, Community, and Core Values. This video focuses on the first one: culture. Hear from four of our employees who were excited to share their opinion on our culture here at MCA.

Functional Center of Excellence (FCoE)

What better way to understand the true experience of one of our training programs than to hear it from partcipant graduates themselves. Hear from Nikko and Lori as they talk about their experiences.

Interested in a company that offers training programs? Have you heard of MCA Connect’s training class, the FCoE? Check it out here.

Hear from Santo Chisolm, Director of Learning & Development at MCA Connect, on what participants of the FCOE training class will learn, how the program works, the benefits, and more!

Hear Audrey Vavrosky and Jesse Freeman, two trainers of our Functional Center of Excellence (FCoE) training class, talk about what we look for in potential candidates, what participants can expect, and why this class sets our employees up for success.

College Students and Graduates

Leah went from a Computer Science graduate to a Microsoft technical consultant, and then a management role at MCA Connect. Let her tell you a little bit about how she achieved that.

Let Katheryn tell you about her experience transitioning from college into an exciting career in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 industry. She’ll give you insight into MCA Connect’s training program for ERP developers and how it launches a career.

College Students: Who is MCA Connect? What do we do? What positions are we looking to hire at the Career Fairs that we attend? Find out these answers and more in this video!

College Students: Hear from one of our Directors who heads up our training programs, Santo Chisolm, as he explains who MCA Connect is and what we do.

Hear from Pablo Aviles, a recent Lehigh graduate who went through one of our training programs: the Deveopment Center of Excellence, also known as the DCoE.

Are you a college graduate who’s curious about working at MCA Connect? Mike can give you some insight into that.

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