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Eric’s Story

Why I Love My Job

Not everyone is lucky enough to be where I am at in life. Three years after college, I have a successful career that’s consistently unfolding based on my hard work and efforts. I’m very excited every day.

The Journey
After completing graduate school, I began looking for different jobs in consulting and corporate finance. I became very interested and excited about the opportunity to become a consultant with MCA Connect after I learned that I could use my finance and accounting education to identify business solutions, teach people and share knowledge. And, in turn, I could make a difference in a company’s business.

While I went through a Microsoft Dynamics AX training program, there was still so much I had to learn: terminology, complex business processes, etc. (the things you don’t learn in school). Luckily, I learned a ton from my colleagues. I was blessed to have two mentors on one of my first projects. I would also take notes on the job site so that I could follow up on the items I didn’t know about at night. I found that I could contribute more by going the extra mile by myself. By the end of the first project, I realized I’d become a different person than when I was first recruited to MCA Connect.

I’ve been through five projects over the past three years (six months – one year in length). As I progressed in skills and knowledge level, MCA Connect continued to award those achievements with greater responsibility, a promotion, and several compensation increases. MCA Connect is even helping me with my work visa and green card. Every couple of months, I feel like I gain something new (experience, knowledge, professional growth).

Not Crunching Numbers in Excel All Day
I get to work with unique businesses who I learn about in depth and then apply my software knowledge to. I talk with everyone at a client site from the shop floor workers up to the CFO. I feel really good because the CFO listens to me carefully and has intelligent conversations with me; they know the value I am providing. My former classmates don’t get to do this every day. Most of them hate their job in a big corporate environment; it’s fake glory. They’re just crunching Excel numbers all day. They don’t get to make important decisions, and they don’t feel like they’re making a difference. No matter how hard they work, they can’t see their future. This makes me appreciate my job even more.

What’s Most Important
I really, really like working with the people at MCA Connect. I’m part of a small group of people who share the same passions as I do; motivated about finding a solution, digging into details, and identifying the root cause of the issue. We reach out to each other for help all the time. I don’t see that happening at bigger companies. I’ve also developed friendships with my fellow colleagues on project sites as I spend a lot of time with them. We have a fun crew. We work so hard all day, but by the end of the day I can grab a drink with anyone on the team.

I get to travel to a variety of places like Seattle or small town America; I’ve been all over the place – East and West coast. Travel can be challenging (layovers, cancelled flights, etc.) but I’m always excited to go to new places. I was just in Brazil for 2 weeks!

Being in this industry means that MCA Connect has many competitors. Of course I think about other opportunities with other companies, but I’m happy where I’m at. I’ve received very generous offers, but what’s most important is how I feel at work. I’m an important team member and I make a great contribution. My co-workers respect me and we’ve been working together as a great team, and I know I can be successful here. New places could be exciting, but they could also be worse. I want to stay here.

Future Forward
The most important thing about my career at MCA Connect is that I love what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with. I’m always motivated and I always have opportunity to progress professionally. I love this kind of job!

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