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Houston’s Story

MCA Connect Colleagues: Just Good People

Here’s what you need to know about MCA Connect employees – they are just good people. The kind of people who not only support each other on a day to day basis during the work week, but also outside of their jobs and professional responsibilities.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, the local MCA Connect employees didn’t think twice about helping each other; their colleagues were just as important as their own families.

Immediately Toby and Jessica, in Austin and Dallas, started making calls and sending emails to find out where everyone was at and their status. They continued to maintain regular communications with everyone and sent regular updates to all Houston employees and the rest of the company.

As the water started to rise at the height of the storm, Jesus and Themilie’s neighborhood came under mandatory evacuation; however, the roads were already flooded. As soon as Jesus jumped in his car he sent an email out to his fellow colleagues asking for help. Many responded with help on mapping ways to navigate safely to Matt’s house, where Jesus and his family were offered refuge.

During the week of the storm, all of our Houston colleagues continually checked in on each other to ensure that everyone was safe and to provide assistance. Even during their own time of need, most employees were busy helping others in the community.

As the flood waters receded, we were able to identify who needed help, and those who needed it received an immediate response. David’s house flooded and there was a call to action for those who were available and able to help remove debris from David’s home. Kara reached out to David and coordinated times and a list of items (like chain saws and wheelbarrows) to bring. Many MCA Connect colleagues showed up on two different occasions to help.

Audrey and her husband’s cars were severely flooded and damaged. When Janet and her husband found out about it, they immediately offered up their second car indefinitely, and even added Audrey and her husband to their insurance policy.

Our Houston colleagues were incredibly lucky; most of their homes stayed dry and everyone came out of the storm safely. The efforts our people took to look out for each other and their fellow Houstonians are impressive and deepened our respect for who they are as people. These are the kinds of people we are proud to call our friends and colleagues!

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