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John’s Story

The Best Referral I’ve Made

I never felt great about leaving MCA Connect. At the time, I had been on the bench for about 2 months, was new to consulting, and thought I might get laid off. My resume was still online, and I received a call from a recruiter about a job at another Microsoft Partner. As soon as I put in my notice I realized that I wasn’t going to get laid off and that there was more work coming. Claude Watson (CEO) called me personally and said there’s no reason to leave but that he wouldn’t stop me. He was great about it. I instantly felt guilty when I left. I’d never had this feeling; I had always quit a job and felt “thank God I’m no longer there”.

I worked at the other Microsoft Partner for about 5 years. I did gain a lot of experience and learned a lot of do’s and don’ts, which helped my career. However, whenever I knew someone was out of work I would tell them to go work for MCA Connect because they’re great. I continually kept in contact with Chris Reed (Senior Technical Recruiter) who was always very polite and never overwhelming. I referred several people to Chris and a few of them now work here.

Earlier this year there were rumors that the Microsoft Partner I worked for would be bought out. The culture had also become negative – “we are right, the customer is wrong, and they don’t know what they’re doing.” That kind of thinking effected the employees. The Solution Architect’s I worked with were not friendly, which is the complete opposite of how it is at MCA. In my role you lean on Solution Architects for guidance; whenever I would go to one with a question they would belittle me.

Chris reached out to me for new referrals in May and I told him that yes, I had a referral, and that the referral is me and I’m available ASAP. When I told Chris, I was flattered how quickly Chris got me into the interview process. He was honest with me about the fact that there wouldn’t be a project to start on for 3-4 months, but I offered to come and work on any project until I was needed.

I’m glad to be back at MCA Connect. It’s refreshing to be back with people like Brody Wilcox who is a super nice guy, and others who are as nice as they are smart.

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