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Leah’s Story

The Importance of a Challenge

As someone who grew up begging to spend my spare time with my dad on the weekends to set up a secure network at a doctor’s office, I have always had my fingers on a keyboard and my thoughts churning on how computers work. The technology world was evolving and, every day, there was new information and progress to make the world more efficient. It is a challenge that has kept me on my toes ever since.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude with a computer science engineering degree, I accepted a job working for a Fortune 500 company doing java development. It was a solid job – decent pay, stability and low stress. However, I went to work and would often barely have enough to do to fill my day. Some days were spent waiting on my boss to provide something for me to work on. But I was doing my job and doing it well. However, as someone who wanted to see results from what I did every day and truly have a career in the technology realm, I was bored and unchallenged. As I looked casually for a new job, a position came across my email about an opportunity that allowed you to work from home after a six-month training program. I had never heard of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The position peaked my interest and after interviewing with MCA Connect, I was offered a position as an entry level developer.

My journey within MCA Connect has been a bit of a whirlwind. MCA is a growing company with individuals that care about each other’s wellbeing and are constantly investing time into each other. I started with MCA in February of 2013. The amount I learned in the first six months was like drinking from a fire hydrant – Dynamics AX, developing within the application, and the standards of the consulting world. Throughout the training period, multiple people in the company were willing to drop what they were working on to go through an issue I was having and continue to teach me the best way to handle issues, from particularly difficult table structures to code snippets. The mentorship at MCA has been unparalleled by any other program of which I have been a part, or seen on my many customer assignments.

After completing the training, I poured myself into my job. I loved seeing the modifications I was making to the system to allow businesses to achieve what they needed with greater efficiency. I enjoyed being more than a coder and sitting in a cube waiting on my next task to complete. I was given the opportunity to easily work forty hours and often would work more to meet deadlines. As I ran into issues that I was unsure of how to handle, mentors within MCA worked with me to resolve the issues and learn from the resolution. Within six months of completing the introductory training and numerous development experiences, I was promoted to a ‘Technical Solution Architect’ position. Not only was I no longer sitting heads down coding in a cube, I was heavily interacting with clients and beginning to work on the implementation of AX from a higher-level perspective. The promotion was the direct result of the time that others spent encouraging me to consider projects from a different angle, and showing a direct interest in improving my skills. Seeing my first client go live successfully on AX was a rush! They had a solution to issues within their business, and we could all see the fruit of our labor in a working product.

Since that first go live, I have been a part of numerous projects and two more successful go lives as a technical lead. I was also promoted into a management position after being with the company just under three years. I continue to learn from those around me as AX is ever changing. I appreciate MCA recognizing top performers with rapid advancement and new challenges. I am thankful to be part of a company that is quick to learn new technologies before our clients are working with them. We consider it our job to ensure our employees are ahead of the curve! I face a new challenge each day as I start work, even though I have been in the AX realm for almost four years.

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