Blair's Story - MCA Connect

Blair’s Story

Mentorship at MCA Connect

It all started about 9 years ago. During the first project or two I was placed on at MCA Connect, there was a lot of learning involved. I was constantly drinking from the fire hose. I was able to pick things up quickly primarily because of the strong mentors and senior consultants we have at MCA Connect. I had the ability to work with seasoned employees that showed me the art of consulting: the ins and outs of the systems, the trick bags, the “what to look fors”, and the “gotchas,” that would lead to my success as a Consultant. From those first couple of years I spent working as an Associate Consultant and Functional Consultant, I picked up different areas of the Trade and Logistics specialty.

I was fortunate to work with Santo Chisolm, a Project Manager at MCA Connect (now a Director), on my first three projects, which helped me develop a strong foundation on many crucial components of consulting. Seeing how Santo handled different and tricky situations, made me well equipped to handle those types of predicaments by myself and eventually grow into the Project Manager position. Witnessing how Santo would approach a solution within the system was another beneficial aspect of having him as a mentor. I was able to observe how he would process different moving pieces and think through the requirements needed to put together a solution for the clients.

By my fourth or fifth project, my thought processes was, “This is cool, this is fun, and this is exciting. You are either going to sink or swim, so you have to get in there and try your best.” After a few projects of working with Santo, and another project or two of taking on more of a leadership role, I was offered an opportunity to be a Solution Architect and become the Project Lead. This was ultimately what I was striving for since the end of my first year of consulting. I was able to lead and deliver several successful projects!

My brother, Doug Hatfield, is also an employee at MCA Connect. The funny part about working with my brother is that for the past eight years, although we are at the same company, I’ve had very little to no interaction with him from a business perspective. He is on the sales side, and I was always on the delivery side. He sells the deal to the client, and then I come in later to meet with that client. Quite a few times, when I first meet a client, they would say, “Oh we met your dad!” We always have a good laugh about that.

Now I’m in the process of transferring over to presales, and we’re obviously working together quite a bit more. It’s been great! Even though we don’t look alike, from a brain power perspective, we’re very much alike. Our approach, logic, and how we like to handle things is very similar. He is able to show me the ropes both online and offline, whether we are working on a deal together or hanging out on the weekend having a beer.

My overlying message about MCA Connect, and I always say this about our employees, is that everybody has the “sharing is caring” mentality. Whether you need an answer, you’re not sure how to do something, or you just need to bounce an idea off somebody, the door is always open at MCA Connect.

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