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MCA Connect Overview Sheet

MCA Connect – who are we and what do we do? What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Analytics? Check out the answers here!

MCA Connect’s Most Recent EVP

Every year we ask our employees what it’s like to work at MCA Connect: the rewards, benefits, and opportunities of working at MCA Connect. Here is the most recent Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Infographic: Professionalism

Our core values are integrity, professionalism, and honesty.  This infographic highlights professionalism and what that means here at
MCA Connect.

Secret Ingredient of

There are three key ingredients to MCA Connect’s “secret sauce:” Culture, Community, and Core Values. This video focuses on the first one: culture.

What Elements Make Up
MCA Connect’s Culture?

Jenifer Kvasnicka, Director of Talent Acquisition talks about the elements that make up MCA Connect’s culture: transparency, support, ethics, respect and core values.

IT Support to Keep the Ride Going

At MCA Connect, it’s not about the destination. It’s the ride we enjoy the most. And the people we travel with. Check out our IT Department and how their support is essential to MCA’s success.

Business Development Training Program

We are excited to be adding an additional training program called the Business Development Center of Excellence. Click below for more details!

Functional Center of Excellence: Overview Sheet

If you’re looking for an overview of what the Functional Center of Excellence Training class is, check out this sheet for answers to FAQs.

Development Center of Excellence

Check out this sheet for details on what the DCOE is, what skills you will learn, how long the training is, where it’s located at, how you get accepted, and what happens after the training class.

Project Management Training Program

Are you an ERP Project Manager who wants to add managing full life cycle Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations to your resume? Learn more about our PMCOE training program!

Business Analytics Training

We have specific Center of Excellence (COE) programs and this sheet outlines what being a part of the Business Analytics team at a Microsoft Partner company entails.

Infographic: Training Classes

If you are looking for a reason to consider applying for MCA Connect’s Center of Excellence classes – here’s FIVE!

MCA Connect’s Resume Tips

Need a resume format that anyone could follow? Check out MCA Connect’s resume tips for Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants – this format will be easy to read and will effectively communicate your skills and experience.

Cody’s Story as an FCoE Graduate

Cody Markovich shares his experience as a Functional Center of Excellence graduate. If you’re interested in our training program, this is a great resource to check out.

Functional Center of Excellence (FCoE) Training Program

MCA Connect has very unique programs called “Center of Excellence (CoE).” Click to learn more about our Functional Training Class.

Leah’s Advice for College Students

Hear from Leah Boling, one of our Directors here at MCA Connect, on her best tips for recent college graduates.

MCA Connect’s Interview Process for Consultants

No secrets here! If you’re a consultant interviewing with MCA Connect this is what you can expect in your interview experience.