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Take Your Career to the Next Level

Consultants are born from their professional experience and MCA Connect’s Center of Excellence (COE) Program.  Ready to learn from industry subject matter experts driven by a set of core values within an award-winning Microsoft Partner? If so, you’re ready for our program.

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MCA Connect’s Next Functional Center of Excellence (FCoE) Training Program Begins:

Q1 of 2020


“I’m loving my new career as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consultant for MCA Connect!  It’s the next best step in the evolution of my career. I am applying the knowledge I have acquired from my previous experiences as a supply chain management professional to make a difference in understanding and helping our customers.  Also, my experience as a trainer provides the client with a foundation to adjust to the implementation. It’s such a good feeling when the clients are happy and engaged.”

– Maria Jimenez, Dynamics 365 Consultant

What to Expect in Your New Career as a Consultant

When you join the MCA Connect team, you’ll be able to learn from, and be mentored by the top consultants in the industry. Combine that with your career aspirations of becoming the next expert in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Intelligence, and you’re on the fast track to providing technology solutions to customers across the globe.

Sounds exciting, right? Before you dive-in head first, here’s a few things you can expect when entering the fast-paced life of consulting.


  • You’re the expert in the room.
    As a consultant, your primary role isn’t to make the business decision. It’s to educate the customer on how to best utilize technology and best practices to increase productivity and efficiency.  Customers will present challenges to you, and it’s your job to use business expertise and the tools at hand to craft solutions for their problems. It’s not always an easy solution, but if you like a good challenge on a daily basis, this environment is one in which you’ll thrive.
  • You get to visit new places & meet new people.
    Rack up some pretty sweet frequent flyer miles and hotel points for your next vacation!  As you travel to client sites you’ll be making connections with business professionals across the country – with the underlying benefit of living anywhere your heart desires. Think about it…you can expand your horizons by kick-starting the next phase of your career in any city you like while nurturing a new set of colleagues.
  • Career growth.
    Houston, we have lift off! You now have the opportunity to work with the system more, learning every part of the software beyond what you already know.  Working from project to project, you’ll gain meaningful experiences and expertise via the different organizations, operational processes, and personalities you will work with.  You’ve launched beyond the restriction of a specific version of the software because you will always have your hands on the latest versions, and the opportunity to stay up-to-date on your certifications for them.