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Voices from Student Hires

Hear From Some of Our Rock Star Student Hires

Graduates from Computer Science and/or Software Development, Business Administration, Management Information Systems, and Business Analytics backgrounds join us in a 3-6 month professional training course that we call the Center of Excellence (COE).  The COE teaches graduates advanced software development techniques in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the application software that most mid-to large-sized companies use to run their business and Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions.  In addition, participants will receive a broad range of instruction in consulting skills and project methodology.  COE graduates from the ERP classes are Microsoft certified for development in Dynamics 365 (ERP) in both cloud-based and on-premise environments.

Hear From Leah – Computer Science Grad to Microsoft Consultant

Leah went from a Computer Science graduate to a Microsoft technical consultant and then into a management role at MCA Connect. Listen to learn how she’s achieved her career progression.

Hear From Katheryn – College Grad to Microsoft Consultant

Let Katheryn tell you about her experience transitioning from college into an exciting career in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 industry. She’ll give you insight into MCA Connect’s training program for ERP developers and how it launches a career.

Hear From Mike – What It’s Like to Work at MCA Connect

Are you a college graduate who’s curious about working at MCA Connect? Mike can give you some insight into that.

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