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Tish’s Story

A True Work-Life Balance

MCA Connect walks the talk about work-life balance. We work hard, we play hard!

My previous position involved a daily commute up to two hours one way, five days a week. If you do the math, I was spending almost two full days of my life every week commuting. MCA Connect on the other hand, has provided me with the flexibility to work remotely and travel, giving me more time to do the things I love.

It was an easy transition to MCA Connect. Everyone at MCA Connect is extremely supportive. That’s the #1 reason why I enjoy working at MCA Connect. If I raise my hand with a question, everyone wants to help. There are no, “that’s not my job,” type of responses. At MCA Connect, you never feel like you are an island, whether you are working from home or traveling. And if you ever do feel that way, call any other MCA Connect employee and they will convince you otherwise.

I live in a very rural location, within an hour of the airport, so traveling is not difficult. MCA Connect has standard travel days so employees leave on Mondays and come home on Thursdays. This keeps the travel from becoming brutal. No one is expected to take red-eyes on Friday nights and fly out late on Sunday on a regular basis. I am home more than I was when I was doing a daily commute.

The best part about traveling is that the project teams really support each other and try to have some fun! You become part of little families with each project. One of my recent projects was in a farming community in the Midwest. Even though there weren’t a lot of options for dining or entertainment, we managed to find a 2-screen movie theater and watched Mission Impossible together. We were the only ones in the theater, and everyone got to play a part and really enjoy the movie.

MCA Connect’s culture allows me to live where I want, do what I love, have fun, and be productive and engaged.

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