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Which Field Service Software is Right for You?

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Enterprise field service software is surging in popularity – and for good reason.  It has proven to be an effective way to cut costs and create new revenue opportunities, increasing overall profitability.

However, all field service solutions are not created alike. As you begin your research, ask yourself:

Which features are most important to you?

Different software solutions have different strengths. Knowing what you need up front will help you prioritize areas where you need to investigate deeper. For example, most field service software solutions offer some sort of scheduling, but how sophisticated does the scheduling need to be? Do jobs need to be assigned not only based on availability but also on other factors such as technical certifications, geography, urgency or a weighted factor of multiple criteria? How closely do you need to monitor the inventory on your trucks, schedule recurring work, or invoice and capture payment in the field? Be sure the capabilities that are important to you are accommodated in the solution you select.

What do you value in an implementation partner?

Sure, you don’t want to overspend, but how much are you willing to trade off in quality and risk? If this is the first time you’ve implemented field service software, having an experienced partner can be the defining difference in the success of your project.  A qualified implementation partner should be able to help you tailor the solution to the unique needs of your industry and your specific business processes without reinventing the wheel.

Are your expectations realistic?

How will you measure the success of your project? Software is not a silver bullet that creates instant results.  Spend some time understanding the areas in which you expect to improve efficiency and how you expect to measure those improvements. Brainstorm how you can generate more revenue.  Focus on the areas your customers value most.

Evaluate Which Field Service Software is the Right Fit

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Author: Marty Monaghan, Sales Executive

How Companies Use Field Service Automation to Get Ahead

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Companies who’ve been around for decades are starting to see how field service automation can give them a big advantage over the standard work order and clipboard approach. Here are the top benefits they seen:

Improved Customer Experience

  • Keeping clients updated – Clients can be updated automatically to tell them when their technician is on the way. Surveys can automatically be sent afterward to gather feedback on the technician’s performance. Providing two-way communication between technician and client creates more satisfied customers overall.
  • Improving first call resolution – Have a good understanding of the equipment being repaired, the asset history, known issues, and the parts that are likely needed

Better Cash Flow, More Revenue

  • Optimized routing – With field service automation, workers can be assigned to a job based on customer location, employee credentials, service-level priority – or a great number of other factors. Companies can often schedule 10-20% more clients per day when the route is optimized.
  • Adding service revenue from SLAs – Create new revenue streams by offering warranties / guarantees, and by properly billing clients for services that are outside the scope of the client’s Service Level Agreement.
  • Getting paid faster – When clients electronically sign-off on the work order on-site, and that electronic paperwork is immediately routed to the corporate office, the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) numbers drop dramatically, increasing your cash flow.

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Better inventory management – Field Service software tracks inventory across locations, including warehouses and trucks. By knowing what you have in stock, you can improve materials forecasting and replenishment, and reduce write-offs.
  • Enhanced mobile productivity – Technicians can access customer and case history, as well as find parts information, pricing and support / knowledgebase information.

Learn How Field Service Software Empowers your Workers

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Author: Mark Schindler, Sales Executive

Why Field Service Automation Software is Essential

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Field service automation software used to be a ‘nice to have’ option for manufacturing companies and professional service providers. Field service workers routinely showed up at job sites with a clipboard of paperwork and the inventory they needed to complete the task at hand. Once they were done, they had the project paperwork signed and moved to the next job.

While many field service-based companies today still run their business that way, those companies are at a distinct disadvantage.

If that scenario describes your company, this is what you’re missing!

• Faster payment from customers – Electronic routing of signed paperwork can cut DSO invoices by 7 days or more.

• Increased first-time fixes – Ensuring your field service workers have the right parts, but also the equipment history and access to maintenance guides, increases the opportunities for you to finish the job the first time, improving customer satisfaction and increasing worker efficiency.

• Improved operational efficiency – From optimizing dispatch to increasing service call capacity, companies can improve overall efficiency by 10-20% – at least!

• Reduced costs – Leverage scheduling and routing to ensure the most applicable field technician is deployed for the job. This leads to reduced length of site visits and number of revisits.

• More revenue, new revenue streams – As more OEMs push service back to their suppliers, and service companies work to create and manage profitable Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Field Service Automation software provides an efficient way to know exactly what’s included and excluded in your company’s warranties and SLAs. Stop your field service teams from giving away services because they’re unclear what the customer is entitled to. Additionally, field service technicians have more visibility to customers than anyone else within the company which allows them to identify opportunities for new revenue streams such as obsolete items and lack of spare parts.

• Happier customers – Your field service personnel may be the only company representative your customers ever meet. Help your field service workers make a great first impression by keeping in constant communication with customers about project progress, and when your staff is expected to arrive. Creating happier customers increases your wallet share and market share.

Considering New Field Service Automation Software?

Asking the right questions is critical. Download our field service evaluation matrix to decide what software is best for your business.

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Author: Mark Schindler, Sales Executive