Easy 1099 Filing with Dynamics 365

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Easy 1099 filing with Dynamics 365 for your independent contractors, get step-by-step instructions for Dynamics AX 2012.

The IRS requires businesses to file 1099s whenever an individual is paid more than $600 in a tax year, whether the payment is for:

  • Services
  • Awards
  • Prizes
  • Rent
  • Or any other miscellaneous payment

The exceptions are that you don’t have to file 1099s for your own employees or for money you pay to another corporation.

Filing Deadlines & Penalties

You don’t want to miss a deadline in filing 1099s or sending the 1099s to your independent contractors.  You also don’t want to have to do a ton of legwork and paperwork in the beginning of the year to stay in compliance with the 1099 rules.

Use Dynamics 365 to Manage Vendors

Sending out your 1099s can be a breeze if you have your vendors configured properly in Dynamics 365. Each invoice can automatically reflect the proper 1099 amount, and be automatically sent to your contractors and electronically filed with the IRS.

How to set up vendors and generate 1099s in Dynamics AX 2012.

Watch the Recording

Author: Stacy Black

Stacy Black, Sr. Financial Consultant for MCA Connect, shares her tips and walks through the vendor setup and 1099 generation procedures in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 during this on-demand session.

AutoReport – How to get more from your reports

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Have you ever run an inquiry or report but needed more information and you don’t want to drill down to get it?  Don’t want to involve a Developer or your IT department to get it?

Using the AX Autoreport functionality, now you can!

In this Didjano (a play of words on Did You Know) video Stacy Black, mcaConnect Application Consultant, will go over how to create an Autoreport and how to modify/edit an existing report.  So now let’s get started!

You’ve Got Attachments

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Have you ever wanted a visual notification that there was an attachment to an order/journal/etc.??

Didjano it’s easy to setup???

In this Didjano (a play of words on Did You Know) video Stacy Black, mcaConnect Application Consultant, will show you how to set this up so you know “You’ve got attachments”. So now let’s get started!

Load Ledger Transactions

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Dynamics AX has a neat function that will allow a user to transfer previously posted journal transactions into a newly created journal for re-posting.  This comes in handy when you have forgotten to reverse a journal prior to posting, entered and posted a journal by mistake, or you just want to reuse an accrual journal that has a large volume of voucher lines.  You may not have the time to reload or enter all those lines again, it is after all month end and you have to get things done.

In this Didjano (a play of words on Did You Know) video Madeline Hayes, mcaConnect Application Consultant, will be discussing how you can reuse or reverse a posted journal.  So now let’s get started!