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We’re passionate about empowering manufacturers to innovate with Microsoft Cloud solutions, which is why we’ve created this site just for you, Microsoft, to easily access relevant resources in one convenient place.  

Explore new wins, read customer success stories, find manufacturing resources, and learn more about how we’re working and winning together.  

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Success Stories

From manufacturing strategy and implementation to data-inspired innovation and support, manufacturers win big with Microsoft and MCA Connect. Read a few of our customer success stories to learn about the powerful solutions we’ve delivered together.  


Customer-Ready Resources

We know manufacturing because we’ve spent over 20 years in the industry, solving problems and uncovering new opportunities with Microsoft. Explore our resources to gain insights from our industry experts on trends, challenges, and opportunities, so you can better serve your customers.  


Quick-start your customer’s journey to modernization with our strategic solution offering, built on the Catalyst framework.


Listen to our manufacturing podcast to hear from industry experts at MCA Connect, Microsoft, and our customers.  


Get answers to the rising manufacturing labor shortage challenge from our SVP of Solutions, Doug Bulla.  

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To successfully modernize, you need a cohesive strategy, not siloed strategies stitched together. See what’s possible, overcome challenges, and unlock new opportunities with a few of our co-sell ready modern manufacturing solutions.

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