Time Validated Enterprise Data

DataCONNECT is a pre-built data warehouse that extracts data from Dynamics databases as well as from your other business systems and spreadsheets, and combines it into one single consolidated data model. Unlike other solutions available, with DataCONNECT, you retain the ability to drill down into the detail, plus you have a single source of validated data across the entire organization.

Improved Insight

DataCONNECT fuels your organization with fast, accurate information, giving you the power to predict, adapt and shape operations with record speed and precision.

View Leading and Lagging Indicators

Our data warehouse is deployed with both pre-built and custom key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics for multiple industries.

DataCONNECT is the only data warehousing solution for Dynamics that enables both detailed drill down capabilities and enterprise insight. This solution comes with pre-built data models and data extraction technology to create a single source of validated company data you can trust.


  • Cuts cost of building data models
  • Reduces risk of using incomplete information to drive decisions
  • Provides nearly instant insight and predictive power to inform time-sensitive decisions

Zoom In & Out

The data store that comes out of the box with Dynamics doesn’t include the capability to zoom in on the details. These cubes only capture summary-level data, and only from Dynamics. With DataCONNECT, you can zoom in to examine the details, and then zoom back out to the 30,000 foot view to understand how those details correlate to the big picture.

Access Historical Data

Typically, when customers move to Dynamics, they lose their historical data, which means they don’t have a good idea of the performance indicators from previous years. DataCONNECT enables these customers to keep accessing that historical data, while keeping the new Dynamics system clean.

Empower Users with Business Intelligence

DataCONNECT works with almost any business intelligence technology, and can be used to create drag-n-drop reporting, role-based dashboards, modeled predictive analytics – all available from any device.


Built for Operational Planning & Forecasting

DataCONNECT quickly pulls your validated data into the forecasting models so you can begin your planning cycles for areas of your business including:

  • Financials
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing production

Less Effort, Less Cost, Bigger Payoff

Once you’ve setup DataCONNECT once, the system can be expanded and contracted without any additional investment. Plus, it’s built for speed, enabling almost real-time analytics. DataCONNECT’s performance isn’t impacted when data volume increases. Because the data itself is never modified, users can easily expand, contract and change the data sets being used on a query, and that information is instantly available.

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