1. What is DataCONNECT?

DataCONNECT is a data warehousing solution – in fact, the only solution for Dynamics that enables both detailed and drilled down capabilities and enterprise insight. The solution comes with pre-built data models for most AX Modules, as well as data extraction technology to create a single source of validated company data you can trust.

2. What versions of Microsoft Dynamics does DataCONNECT work with?

There are 4 versions of DataCONNECT:

  1. Dynamics AX 2012
  2. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
  3. Dynamics CRM (on-premise)
  4. Dynamics CRM Online, which will soon migrate over to Dynamics 365 for Sales & Customer Service

3. Will DataCONNECT work without Dynamics?

No. DataCONNECT is designed to use the Dynamics tables and entity stores as its base.

4. What if some of my data is stored in Oracle (or other non-Microsoft) databases?

No problem. DataCONNECT can pull from nearly any database, spreadsheet or other data store.

5. Is DataCONNECT industry-specific?

Yes and No. DataCONNECT can work for any industry. However, because of our deep experience with manufacturing, oil and gas, and the service industries, we have pre-built data models already configured for the most common KPIs and analytics scenarios needed for those industries.

6. How is DataCONNECT different than cube-based data warehouses?

DataCONNECT is faster, yet pulls in more data, which allows you to go from big picture to see the smallest transactional details without leaving the system.

Instead of storing data in multiple cubes, DataCONNECT stores data from all AX modules in a single data model.

7. Can DataCONNECT pull in historical data from a prior ERP system?

As long as the database of historical content is still available, that data can be accessed via DataCONNECT.

8. Does DataCONNECT use real-time data?

DataCONNECT uses almost real-time data. Some lag time is unavoidable. The most recent transactions may not be available for several minutes.

9. I only need a few select KPIs, but I need them regularly. Can I build automations that will generate the reports I need?

Yes. DataCONNECT is a data warehousing tool. You can use almost any Business Analytics reporting tool on top of DataCONNECT. You can also create role-based dashboards and make those accessible to other users. Enterprise reporting can be automated at very little cost.

10. What forecasting data models are available right now?

DataCONNECT has general and industry-specific models available to be able to forecast and budget in the following business areas:

  • Financials (Income Statement/ Balance Sheet/ Cash Flow Statement)
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Production

11. What if I have unique data modeling / forecasting needs?

We can build a custom data model for you. This only has to be setup once, then running reporting and analytics is easy and inexpensive.

12. Can users create their own queries?

Yes. Once the data models are built, users can slice-and-dice the data using an easy drag-n-drop reporting tool.

13. How do I purchase DataCONNECT? How much does it cost?

Pricing is very specific to your needs. Contact MCA Connect for more information.

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