Discrete Manufacturing

Achieve Manufacturing Excellence

Whether your business is in manufacturing automotive spare parts, plastic packaging, machinery and components, or toys and furniture, the pressure is mounting for more innovative and better-quality products, shorter product lifecycles and stricter compliance to safety and environmental regulations.

Empower your company and manage processes and departments in real-time, with up-to-date insights and clear visibility into production schedules, inventory levels, supply chain operations, and order and fulfillment status. With this information at hand, your discrete manufacturing operations will be able to respond to market conditions quicker and anticipate consumer demands.

Discrete Manufacturing

How We Help Discrete Manufacturers

Combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 with our industry solutions and expertise enables discrete manufacturers to optimize their shop floor, better control and maximize assets, minimize operating cost and meet regulatory requirements through digital transformation.

Our industry experts and tailored solutions deployed as your operating systems can directly improve your manufacturing productivity.

Gain control of your entire product lifecycle.

Transform products and business processes to improve your competitive edge.

Improve customer satisfaction by using predictive analytics to improve quality control.

Reduce the risks and costs associated with holding excess inventory.

Our Discrete Manufacturing Solutions

Some of the world’s largest manufacturing enterprises trust MCA to digitally transform their operations through industry solutions. MCA Connect and Microsoft are strategically positioned to deliver comprehensive manufacturing solutions that were specifically built and tailored to the industry, utilizing industry best practices where it fits and fine-tuning other areas to highlight the unique parts of your business.


Why MCA Connect?

MCA Connect has long been recognized as a leading Manufacturing partner by Microsoft, including #1 US Dynamics Manufacturing Partner, and we take pride in consistently delivering innovative solutions that save manufacturers millions of dollars.

A key differentiator in working with MCA Connect to implement your discrete manufacturing solutions is our tight industry focus, but wide set of service offerings. No one knows the manufacturing industry the way we do. Our deep knowledge of the unique processes enables us to find hidden opportunities only made possible through things like predictive analytics and industry accelerators.

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Client Success

“Previously we saw downtime of about 2% of man capacity. Now, our most mature factory is at about 0.5% in downtime. That’s a 75% reduction.”

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director of Manufacturing IT



“MCA Connect was instrumental in helping us value-stream our business. They know Manufacturing and they know Dynamics.”

Bill Battershell, CFO

Rochester Gauges

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“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner.”

Eric Paladino


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