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Electronics Manufacturing Excellence

As anyone in the industry can attest, electronics manufacturing is unique in many ways. Perhaps the most unique priority of electronics is the process of quickly getting new products to market. The industry is extremely consumer focused and has some of the shortest product life cycles, often six months or less with a tremendous amount of product variation. To successfully deliver products to the market, electronic manufacturing companies need to ensure they are streamlining operations, managing customer and product lifecycles, and optimizing inventory levels.

With the right systems and partner in place, your organization could manage processes and departments in real-time, with up-to-date insights and clear visibility into production schedules, demand forecasts, inventory levels, and supply chain operations. This information will give your electronics manufacturing operations the ability to respond to market conditions quicker and anticipate consumer demands.

How We Help Electronics Manufacturers

MCA Connect has worked with electronics manufacturers, like Dell, to help them:

Transform products and business processes to improve your competitive edge.

Provide real-time visibility into performance

Deliver solutions that help manage production & execution

Our Manufacturing Solutions

Stay ahead of your manufacturing challenges by connecting your equipment, analyzing and visualizing your data and integrating your people and processes for fast, intelligent business decisions with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing solutions.

Our industry solutions and products are specifically built and tailored to the manufacturing industry, utilizing industry best practices where it fits and fine-tuning other areas to highlight the unique parts of your business.

Dynamics 365 Automotive

Why MCA Connect?

MCA Connect and Microsoft are strategically positioned to deliver comprehensive manufacturing solutions that will digitally transform your entire business. Our solutions are specifically built and tailored to the automotive industry, utilizing industry best practices where it fits and fine-tuning other areas to highlight the unique parts of your business.

A key differentiator in working with MCA Connect to implement your modern automotive solution is our tight industry focus, but wide set of service offerings. No one knows the manufacturing industry the way we do. Our deep knowledge of unique automotive requirements and processes enables us to find hidden opportunities only made possible through innovative solutions and industry accelerators.

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Client Success

“As manufacturing evolved and shifted away from each unit being different, we changed our business processes to take advantage of that. Microsoft Dynamics, with its Lean module, and MCA Connect were fundamental in helping us do that.”

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director of Manufacturing IT




“MCA Connect has been a great resource and technology partner.”

Eric Paladino


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“MCA Connect feels like part of our team. Their consultants are great at what they do, very professional and organized, but also warm and friendly. That personal connection makes a big difference because we work together so closely.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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