You just have to BELIEVE!

When I was six years old, I broke my arm in a heroic attempt to prove that I could fly.  The plan was simple.  Climb a chest of drawers and jump!  I reasoned that if I moved fast enough, I wouldn’t be able talk myself out of it.  With ONE BIG JUMP I expected that by necessity, I would learn to fly.  I believed my success at flying was nothing more than a simple matter of choice.  That perception remained with me right up until I attempted my legendary leap.

BOOM!!!  That painful experience proved otherwise.

Magical Thinking is Dangerous

It’s not just adventurous 6-year-old boys who close their eyes, leap and hope for the best. And the results can be far more disastrous than a broken arm.

Project teams at major companies often toy with the idea of implementing new business methodologies or large system implementations like Microsoft Dynamics AX often assume that by “JUMPING” into such a change, the stars will magically align perfectly to achieve future goals and objectives.  The team is too smart and capable to fail.  They will save time and money by skipping the boring upfront planning, and instead just “build their parachute on the way down” and it will all work out. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Lack of ERP implementation planning is one of the main reasons why many ERP implementations take much longer than originally planned – and/or the company is dissatisfied with the end results.

Feeling Brave vs. Assuring Success

Just as I found out with my legendary leap, it may FEEL brave to jump and assume luck will rise up to meet you….but success is not a simple matter of choice. It’s also not about being smart or talented. Assured success comes from jumping only after you have developed a clear team vision and plan that positions you to achieve your goals.

Preparing to Jump!

How do we find our footing for creating a project with minimal impact and optimal positioning?  It is done through properly performing a Rapid Opportunity Assessment as part of the overall change.  A Rapid Opportunity Assessment takes an in-depth view of the organization’s readiness to take on a business methodology change and/or system implementation, and looks at areas like:

  • Preparedness & timing – team availability & capability
  • Financial proformas
  • Manufacturing maturity
  • Discrete or lean manufacturing readiness
  • Current vs future state market positioning
  • …and so much more, dependent on the company and the type of project initiative….

Eliminating the Luck Factor

Taking the time to engage in a Rapid Opportunity Assessments is the bridge that eliminates luck as a simple matter of choice while providing a real framework to achieve the desired outcomes.

The concept of “Jump, Ready, Set” vs “Ready, Set, Jump” is normal in a 6-year-old, and even fine for smaller grown-up decisions.  But major projects have major risks. That same impulse to jump instead of planning is short-sighted and may be way more painful to an organization’s bottom-line than a simple broken arm.

Ready to Jump into an ERP Implementation?

If you want to be the project hero on your team, bring in a team that’s had years of experience implementing new business processes, changing methodologies and implementing systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We will help you put together a rock-solid project plan with firmly defined timelines.  Your project begins by assessing where you are today – and where you’d like to be tomorrow.

Schedule a Rapid Opportunity Assessment with mcaConnect today!

Written By:  John Cowden

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