Companies on the lean manufacturing journey often struggle to get lean manufacturing to work smoothly with their ERP / MRP system. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations was built with lean manufacturers in mind, and LeanCONNECT takes your system to the next level.


Typically, moving your current ERP system data over to Dynamics 365 is a time-consuming process. LeanCONNECT has an easy data migration tool that allows you to pull in traditional manufacturing data from any ERP system, convert it into lean manufacturing data and assign it to the right fields in Dynamics 365. The LeanCONNECT base also comes with lean manufacturing extensions to make lean manufacturing within Dynamics 365 more intuitive and better aligned with lean principles and lean terminology.

LeanCONNECT Design

“What if…?” LeanCONNECT Design answers that question for every scenario you throw at it. Using data from any ERP system, LeanCONNECT will help you understand the impact of your proposed value streams. Once you’ve decided which path you will pursue, the LeanCONNECT Design Connector will sync those changes to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

LeanCONNECT Scheduling

Whether you use fixed interval scheduling or product wheel scheduling, LeanCONNECT scheduling will ensure you are meeting customer demand.  Fixed interval scheduling, also called Every Part Every Interval (EPEI), distributes the demand evenly over a set period of time. Product wheel scheduling will look at customer demand and inventory replenishment levels and optimize the setup sequence and changeovers.

LeanCONNECT Modules

1. LeanCONNECT Base

  • Data Migration
  • Ease of Use Extensions
  • LeanCONNECT Design Connector

2. LeanCONNECT Design

3. LeanCONNECT Scheduling

  • Fixed Interval Scheduling
  • Product Wheel Scheduling

LeanCONNECT Benefits

  • Optimize your value streams
  • Accelerate your lean manufacturing journey
  • Integrates lean principles  and terms into your Dynamics 365 ERP system

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LeanCONNECT?

LeanCONNECT is a solution set that extends the functionality of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to meet the needs of lean manufacturers.

Do we have to buy all 3 LeanCONNECT solutions?

No. Each solution is related, but separate.

What if our company is just starting out with lean manufacturing?
Is this solution still a fit?

Yes. In fact, LeanCONNECT Design can help your company decide which lean initiatives to pursue and prioritize. With the structure and insight you gain from LeanCONNECT, most of our clients find it much easier to stay aligned with lean manufacturing principles, working toward continual process improvements.

What if we’re not running Dynamics 365?

LeanCONNECT is designed to help you move to Dynamics 365, and run your manufacturing operations more efficiently on Dynamics 365. Manufacturing data from any ERP system can be imported and analyzed. Only LeanCONNECT Scheduling requires a connection to Dynamics 365 (or Dynamics AX 2012.)

Doesn’t Dynamics 365 already have lean manufacturing functionality?

Yes. Dynamics 365 has a flexible architecture that works great for lean manufacturing. LeanCONNECT gets you up and running faster, and provides a more intuitive process to ensure you follow lean principles across the organization, optimizing each value stream.

What results can I expect from LeanCONNECT?

The purpose of LeanCONNECT is to optimize your value streams. By staying committed to the lean journey, our clients see shorter lead times, fewer inventory turns, fewer defects, and an overall increase in productivity and profitability.

How is LeanCONNECT priced?

LeanCONNECT is priced per solution and per user. Service hours are quoted separately. Contact us for a quote.

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