Microsoft’s CRM System - MCA Connect

How is Microsoft’s CRM System different?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP into cloud applications that work together to empower your employees by connecting people, process, and data across multiple media forums, including Dynamics 365, Office, LinkedIn, and Azure IoT. With the many benefits this platform offers for customer engagement, it can help you anticipate your customer needs and improve business outcomes with data driven insights and project service automation. This digital transformation leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to streamline everyday tasks and create business efficiency.

Microsoft CRM system services help lower cost of ownership, increase profitability, and offer other benefits, including:

  • Master Multi-Channel Marketing & Service: This feature allows businesses to respond to potential customers and current customers quickly and cost-effectively. It offers chat boxes, websites, personal portals, social media engagement, and email and phone avenues for communication.
  • Enable Field Operations: A field personnel can manage work orders, office staff can dispatch service resources and manage schedules based on skills, certification, availability, and geography.
  • Dashboard Analytics: CRM systems allow for leverage of scalable and adaptable data and analytics solutions to transform data into actionable insight that will impact business growth. Analytic solutions provide clients with nearly real-time accurate information that is easily digestible and visualized.
  • Automated Quote Process: The automated quote process is time efficient, reduces errors, automates approvals, and enforces pricing consistency. Save time on re-entry when quotes are converted into orders.
  • Manage Customer Warranties: Capture information from customers and create work orders for repairs through this simplifying warranty process. Required documents are easily submitted and coordinated smoothly with OEM review and approval of claims.

Microsoft’s manufacturing CRM system stands apart from the rest because the program helps businesses connect with the right buyers, identify prospects, and tailors engagements. Combining sales, marketing, and service into one system will change your business. It is easy to use a CRM system like Dynamics 365 CE since it was built for the cloud on modern technology and makes it easy to administer and integrate.

MCA Connect understands that many operational processes are based on industry best practices. In today’s market, cutting the competitive edge means offering your customers complete customer service and incomparable experiences. This implicates several aspects of your operation like sales, field services, and communications. An effective CRM solution streamlines low-value activities to focus on customizing the areas unique to your business. To help ensure success in this regard, MCA Connect’s commitment to your company includes proactive guidance and unlimited reactive support, which includes identifying and resolving issues quickly and keeping systems up to date.