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Improving Your CRM: Are You Ready for a CRM System Upgrade?

A CRM system is a resource and technology that will streamline your sales and help your business achieve its goals. Such a system makes it easy to analyze profit margins, track opportunities, and follow up on quotes before they expire. Knowing when your business is due for a CRM system upgrade is important. But how do you know when you are ready for a CRM upgrade or replacement? The answer to this question begins with an analysis of your unique requirements and the potential inefficiencies of your existing solution.

First, a centralized system and process is a must-have for effective customer service and engagement. An effective CRM solution provides a platform to see quotes, price changes, accuracy of data, and smooths out every quote approval process. It supplies a stronger collaboration between marketing and sales and accurate sales forecasting. By doing so, a full-suite CRM system provides better customer experiences and improves customer loyalty.

Second, an effective CRM offers business intelligence insights. With a good manufacturing CRM system, deep business insights and accelerated productivity are possible. By capturing these benefits, you will see increased revenue thanks to better management and more profitable projects and services.

Third, your CRM solution should be holistic. A CRM upgrade that improves enterprise visibility of customer information across all sales, customer service, and purchasing across all regions vastly improves productivity, efficiency, and customer experiences. The best CRM systems enable faster and better decisions with reliable and accessible information while simplifying the sales process.

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Choosing the Right CRM Partner

Choosing the right CRM partner comes down to which features fit your business’ needs and preferences. With all the reputable CRM solutions and partners in the marketplace, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Each system comes with its own programing pros and cons and it is up to you to figure out which is most suitable for you. However, the main components of good partnering choices include functionality, price, and customization.

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Qualifications and Red Flags

Depending on the platform you choose, different CRM providers offer varying degrees of ability in meeting your needs. Businesses already integrated with other Microsoft services, such as Outlook and Office 365, should seek out experts in Dynamics 365 to ensure optimal compatibility.

Once compatibility is established, one of the most significant differences in choosing the right CRM partner is price. Notably, cheaper does not always mean you are getting a better deal. The downside with cheaper partnerships is that they are not customized, do not have the capacity for personalized services, and the relationships tend to be more difficult to navigate.


The right CRM partner will help ensure that your outside contractors’ function as an extension to your business team. This will allow you to run your programs flawlessly and focus on new opportunities to innovate and increase profits without sacrifices in quality. Be sure to demand the dedicated pool of resources with diverse skill sets your company needs to achieve the intended results.

Setting yourself up for success begins with finding a partner that is forward thinking, progressive, and full of proactive advice and guidance. Do not settle for the bare minimum. Instead, excel in a world of possibilities. Receive the advanced strategic technology leadership and guidance, full software support, and an undivided trusted advisor you deserve by partnering with MCA Connect.