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Support for Ongoing Success

After long hours and energy spent on a successful manufacturing CRM implementation, it may feel as if go-live is the end of a major project. While it is a milestone to be celebrated, in many ways, it’s just the start. Ongoing support post-implementation can ensure maximum ROI of an upgraded CRM.

For the best results, consider the differences and offerings of managed services vs. MCA Advantage. Traditional managed services are generally reactive and use support tickets to provide help. With the MCA Advantage service team you get industry specific experts to provide proactive guidance and unlimited reactive support, all for a set fee. The MCA Advantage service team acts as your trusted advisor, providing strategic technology leadership guidance, as well as unlimited software support.

In addition to MCA Advantage, MCA Connect offers real-world experience, best practices and a client-centric focus to deploy systems and solutions that deliver exceptional results. Those results come from working on more than 1,000 CRM and ERP implementations, and over that time they’ve distilled 5 of the most important aspects for maximizing success. In addition to using experience to reflect on what leads to a successful CRM implementation, MCA Connect looks forward in order to anticipate business needs.

To better understand what a partnership with MCA Connect looks like in the real world, consider the case study of Ascend Performance Materials. With Ascend, the upgraded CRM enabled them to not only better manage sales, but also to improve product research & development, supply chain management, quality control, and customer service. Similarly, the AmerCareRoyal case study shows the drastic impact that streamlining the sales process can have on an organization and its sales reps. Ascend Performance Materials and AmerCareRoyal are just two examples of the potential partnership with MCA Connect.

Founded in 2002, MCA Connect is committed to helping you realize your vision, so you can focus on what matters. Contact us to discuss your manufacturing CRM options or any other services that leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve your operations.