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Unique Features of Manufacturing CRM

CRMs are useful across industries, but certain features are uniquely valuable to manufacturers and other companies within the supply chain. Manufacturing CRM systems, for example, provide a platform that allows manufacturers to make product demand decisions based on forecasting features. These features incorporate visibility into the sales pipeline.

A great manufacturing CRM also increases customer engagement. The ability to make tailored solutions for your business while lowering the cost of support is unique to Dynamics 365, putting this platform head-and-shoulders above other options.

Some key Microsoft CRM solutions for manufacturing include:

  • Lead Identification and Routing
  • Activity Planning and Loyalty
  • Tender and RFP Management
  • Track Customer Assets
  • Schedule and Dispatch Service Resources
  • Real-Time Quote and Order Management
  • Channel Management and Distributor Portal
  • Forecasting Across Multiple Periods
  • Tracking and Management of Field Work Orders, Service Issues, RMAs, and Warranty Claims

Manufacturers can customize their CRM solutions and personalize the interface with numerical data and large charts and graphs. Microsoft graphs help viewers absorb information quickly and efficiently. Microsoft’s manufacturing CRM also has easy integration with other Microsoft software; no other CRM solution offers the same degree of interoperability and compatibility. Dynamics 365 is business-ready with a variety of Microsoft services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is an agile and effective CRM platform. To unlock its full potential, help your team build a strategic plan to meet desired business objectives supported by our modern technology applications.