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Dynamics 365 Sales, Project Operations, Azure Synapse, Power BI 


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Inefficient, inaccurate supply chain planning and forecasting due to legacy on-prem sales system, siloed data, and lack of timely, actionable insights


Dynamics 365 Sales, Project Operations, Azure Synapse, and Power BI


Inspire Platform™, modern data platform built on Azure 

AutoCONNECT™, automotive bid response and program management built on D365 

Their challenge

With more than a hundred manufacturing locations in 28 countries, TI Fluid Systems develops award-winning solutions for global automotive manufacturers.  

Struggling with an inefficient sales system, TI Fluid Systems was unable to accurately predict sales and project revenue. Completing sales and revenue planning took several weeks and the company couldn’t make informed decisions due to a lack of real-time data. In addition, organizing bid responses to global OEM RFPs was inefficient, lacking visibility and coordination, and resulting in missed revenue opportunities. These challenges had a cascading impact on end-to-end supply chain planning and manufacturing operations.

TI Fluid Systems knew they needed to modernize by upgrading to the cloud and issued CE implementation RFP. Familiar with our extensive industry expertise and recent Microsoft US Partner of the Year Award for Automotive, Microsoft brought us in to help win the deal.  

Our solution

Using our deep automotive expertise, MCA Connect positioned Microsoft as a solution of choice, for not only Dynamics 365 Sales in response to their RFP, but also generating several other opportunities across the Microsoft solution stack.  

TI Fluids will implement the following Microsoft solutions for a robust sales, planning, and bid response management platform with full visibility and near real-time analytics: 

Microsoft Programs Leveraged: PIE Azure Everywhere and BizApps Presales

Expected Results

  • Projected Azure revenue: $100,000+ annually   
  • Projected D365 Sales and Project Operations licenses: $355,000 annually  
  • Additional 2023 revenue potential
    • Global standardization across 100+ facilities on D365 F&SCM for integrated OEM/supplier planning and demand smoothing
    • Azure IIoT solution for Asset Downtime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness, supported by DPi30 Assessment program

Upon implementation, TI Fluid Systems will be able to:  

  • Complete sales and revenue planning in days versus weeks  
  • Make informed decisions for sales revenue planning and forecasting  
  • Leverage end-to-end cross functionality and global processing with one system of record 


Thanks to the following Microsoft partners for your support throughout various phases of this deal.   


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