What are consistency checks and why do you need them?

Consistency checks are a way of proactively ensuring data corruption or inconsistencies can be caught early before effects are felt downstream. Nearly all corruptions are caused by a mishap within your system and it is impossible to predict when this will or will not happen. By the time database corruption usually occurs and is detected through regular operations, the damage is likely irreparable.

Mitigate the risk of corruption to your database system by joining mcaConnect’s webinar for an overview of consistency checks and demonstration on how to run these using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX 2012.

During this webinar Genie Engels, Solution Architect on the mcaConnect Managed Services team, will share:

  • The purpose of a consistency check
  • The importance of running consistency checks
  • Best practices on how to run a consistency check
  • Common Infolog errors

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Who Will Be Presenting

Genie Engels is a Solution Architect on the Managed Services team at mcaConnect. Her experience includes over 20 years of ERP implementation expertise, including 17 years’ experience specifically within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Her background of complex projects and specialization in Master Planning, Production and Logistics has provided heavy expertise on leveraging consistency checks in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Genie Engels

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