Short payments can cause several issues for your Accounts Receivable department

Learn how the Deductions Management feature allows accounting to record a customer payment even when an unauthorized deduction was taken and helps collection managers track short pays including approving, denying or negotiating them at a later date. Using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, the impact of short pays can be analyzed and managed long-term for more accurate results.

Let us show you how to save time and manual work by leveraging this feature to keep more accurate records.
During this webinar Stacy Black, Senior Application Consultant on the mcaConnect Managed Services team, will share:

  • The benefits of tracking short pays and unauthorized deductions within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
  • How to use the Deductions Management Workbench to track when the customer has paid and/or taken a deduction
  • How to approve, reject, negotiate or split the deduction in the Deductions Management Workbench

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Who Will Be Presenting

Stacy Black is a Senior Application Consultant on the Managed Services team at mcaConnect. She has extensive training and consulting experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX and has delivered targeted results on multiple implementations. Stacy has specialized knowledge of Dynamics AX Financial modules and specific experience with distribution, service and manufacturing clients.

Stacy Black

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