Positive and negative days in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can directly impact your business orders, as can action and future messages. It is important to understand how these MRP settings work and tune them to your requirements to achieve the results you expect.

Submit this form for an archived introductory webinar course geared toward Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 MRP beginners or those preparing to use the system. During the archived webinar, you will learn:

Why AX generates planned orders vs using on-hand

  • How to set positive/negative days for easy management
  • How to best leverage actions and future messages
  • Tips on generating new planned orders and updating existing orders

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Who Will Be Presenting

Scott Martin is a Senior Application Consultant on the Managed Services team at mcaConnect. He has implemented various AX systems for large and small companies over the past 10 years, with great experience in manufacturing and production. His background of complex projects provides heavy expertise on leveraging positive/negative days and action and future messages in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Scott Martin

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