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Core Connect is a first-of-its-kind podcast on manufacturing trends, challenges, and opportunities. Listen in as our industry experts discuss supply chain disruptions, emerging technology, industry news, and more.  

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Ep. 1
Connected Blueprint™ and the Journey to modernization

To overcome disruption, manufacturers must rethink traditional strategies and processes. In this episode, Lori Borg and Howard Hohnadel discuss a new approach to modernization. Listen in to learn how manufacturers can start modernizing in weeks with prioritized opportunities and a tailored plan.  

Ep. 2
Supply Chain Challenges and opportunities

Manufacturers are facing some of the most complex challenges the industry has ever seen. Supply constraints, overwhelming order backlogs, and a transition from make to stock to make to order are all straining supply chains. In this episode, Melinda Carlson and Doug Bulla discuss ongoing trends and challenges and how manufacturers can adjust to a new normal.

Ep. 3
Unlock the Value of your Data

Most companies analyze just 12% of their data and only a quarter have achieved a data-driven culture. However, the data landscape is changing, and more companies are uncovering new insights with modern technology. In this episode, Melinda Carlson and James Roberts discuss how leading manufacturers are leveraging their data to get ahead, plus practical tips for getting started.  

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