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Hit or exceed your KPIs, improve production time, reduce material waste, and plug gaps in quality and lead times. With the right strategy and guidance, manufacturers overcome their most pressing challenge through modernization.

Connected Whitepaper

The Next Normal of Manufacturing

Navigating the problems that come with a supply chain crisis is a monumental task. So where do you even start? Read our whitepaper to learn about the connections critical to overcoming supply chain challenges and how to start making them. 

Trends Report

The Future of Manufacturing: Digital Acceleration

Read our ebook to learn about new trends and innovation in the manufacturing industry, including digitization, the response to COVID-19, and preparing for whatever comes next.


Seven Key Steps to Take Before Automating Your Plant

Many manufacturers erroneously believe automation will fix all their challenges. It’s a case of “technology looking for a problem to solve.” Read this guide to learn about the common mistakes manufacturers make when they lead with automation (and how you can avoid them).

TRends report

Taking Smart Manufacturing from Someday to Today

We surveyed a group of high-level manufacturing leaders from across the U.S. to gain insights on their journey to smart manufacturing, their challenges, and what they learned along the way. Here’s what we discovered.

Evaluation Guide

How Manufacturing Companies Can Truly Differentiate

As a manufacturer, how can you stand out from the competition? Through digital transformation. You’ve likely heard this phrase several times, but what does digital transformation really mean? And how can you use it to create a competitive advantage for your business? 


When Time Isn’t On Your Side

When machine availability, machine performance, and product quality issues hinder your production, you want a remedy—and quickly. Here are 10 nimble and cost-effective ways to improve your overall equipment effectiveness.

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