Modern Platform Management

Benefits of continuous support

Get proactive support and intelligent insights 

Stay ahead of the competition and go beyond standard IT support with Modern Platform Management from MCA Connect. Here’s how we continue optimizing, enhancing, and supporting your business so you can expand your capabilities. 

Solution Success Story

Growing With a Trusted Advisor

To succeed, manufacturers need proactive support and insightful guidance from industry experts. Here’s how Modern Platform Management helps clients expand capabilities and make the most of their investment.    


Dynamics 365 post-implementation guide 

These key principles that can make or break your journey to lean operations. Read our in-depth guide to learn about takt time, flow, the pacemaker process, leveling mix and volume, and more. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 support 

When your organization needs more than emergency break-fix support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365), we offer different levels of Modern Platform Management. Read our one-pager to learn more. 


The MCA advantage for Modern Platform Management

Here’s how we support manufacturers that want a step up from traditional managed services and aren’t willing to settle for reactive email and call center support. 

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