Sales and Operations Planning
for Automotive

Align Your Business
and Improve Resiliency

An S&OP Process Uniquely Built for Auto Suppliers

MCA Connect’s S&OP for Auto service applies deep industry knowledge to enable cross-functional alignment and execution across your organization to meet your revenue, production, and supply chain objectives.

We partner closely with you to ensure the implementation and continuous execution of the right S&OP best practices and procedures. Ones that are unique to your many processes, including, OEM/aftermarket mix planning, supplier schedules, manpower planning, approved vendor list, etc.

Our automotive experts work with you to organize and address the complexities of the lengthy automotive production lifecycle and to implement forward-looking S&OP processes that addresses organizational risks to maximize operational success.

We provide:

  • Best practices leveraged in a repeatably successful process design
  • Assistance in establishing the required process expectations and ownership
  • Mentorship of S&OP process throughputs and outputs
  • Change management to assist department leaders in breaking down internal barriers and fostering engagement


We’ll help you build a compelling business case, including what you need and the why behind it. We’re here to help you craft a statement of investment, calculate time and cost, draft a statement of outcomes, create a flow out of financials, gather as-is state data and pain points, and translate it all into P&L implications.

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S&OP Best Practices to Reach Your Goals

Accelerated Focus on P&L and Balance Sheet Impact​

  • Enable true cross functional S&OP alignment and execution across your organization to meet automotive production and revenue goals

360-Degree View of the Market Lifecycle​

  • Receive demand plans that address the full spectrum of the auto production lifecycle​
  • Slice-and-dice data capabilities​ with any dimension and level of granularity​

Full Business Alignment – from Executives to Shop Floor Workers​

  • Deploy the right S&OP best practices and procedures to ensure continuous execution across the business

Risk Mitigation​

  • Improve supply chain resiliency with better visibility into model year changeovers and compliance requirements​
  • Reduce cost risks, such as delivery delays and inventory challenges
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How We Create the Optimal S&OP Process

We follow a tested and proven, proprietary process to help you reach consensus on a single operating plan, a plan that achieves your objectives in the most efficient and profitable way possible. A typical engagement is 3-4 months.

Phase 1: Align We engage with process owners and stakeholders to educate them on methods and tools and to set expectations on upcoming activities and level of involvement.

Phase 2: Discover We assess your current process, strategic goals, and KPI’s. This phase includes measuring your organizational readiness for change, identifying opportunities for improvement opportunity, and creating an implementation plan.

Phase 3: Design We design an improved future-state process, realign your strategic goals and KPI’s, initiate organizational change management, and define immediate win opportunities.

Phase 4: Deploy We educate your team on the new approach and expected results, complete the change management process, and deploy the enhanced processes into your operating environment.

Phase 5: Monitor We monitor post-deployment acceptance and usage, identify problem areas, and fine-tune the plan to increase your success.

The Path to a More Effective S&OP Process

At MCA Connect, we take you through a discovery exercise that helps you visualize your current challenges and roadblocks, plotting them on a chart that compares the payoff and level of effort for each challenge. We then guide you through the same exercise to help you visualize the results you’ll achieve with our Sales and Operations Planning Service for Automotive.

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Three Essential Ingredients for a Successful S&OP Project

Your success at aligning your production with market demand depends on you getting three things right. And we help you with all three.

  • Unified Forecast: We help you create a unified demand forecast, one that has buy-in from all of your concerned stakeholders.
  • Holistic Strategy: We help you translate your demand forecast into viable, holistic strategies that optimize your value stream from sales to supply chain to production to support to distribution.
  • True Execution: We give your organization the tools, training and mentoring to communicate and effectively execute your plan, from executives to workers.

Why Should You Choose MCA Connect?

You’ll find many companies that offer S&OP process consulting services. And you’ll find even more firms that offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 services. But you’ll find only one company that offers both services. And only one company that tailors this service to auto suppliers.


Tailored Approach

  • Organized to address the complexities of the lengthy automotive production lifecycle​
  • We focus on all aspects of your operations, not just demand and forecasting


Strategic Advisors with 20+ Years of Automotive Operational Experience

  • We understand the auto industry is fundamentally unique with specific industry challenges​


Focus on 4 Pillars of Change

  • People, Process, Performance, Technology​
  • We capture the core competency of your company to translate the right values & beliefs into behaviors that drive performance

Ready to Get Started?

Are you looking for transformational improvements in how your company plans, achieves business goals, and drives value? Do you want to proactively manage your business performance to achieve revenue and profit goals? Let’s talk.

Client Success

“We feel extremely comfortable working with MCA Connect. We know that we’ll get honest answers that serve our best interest.”

Claude Harless, Director of Accouting

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“I really appreciate that they quickly acknowledge receipt of each issue, even if it’s just to fire off a quick reply that they’re working on it. We’ll often get a resolution within 24-48 hours.”

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