Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Amplify Your Marketing

We understand that most marketing initiatives involve multiple moving pieces to nurture a prospect into a lead, and eventually qualifying the lead for Sales. We also know many organizations suffer from sales and marketing misalignment, lack of data visibility, absence of personalization and data integrity issues – making these initiatives more challenging than they need to be.

By aligning your sales and marketing activities with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can anticipate customer needs and personalize your messaging across all touchpoints. The right marketing automation software can transform your marketing operations to help you nurture leads better and faster – while easily measuring marketing ROI.

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The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps you build your campaigns with consistent, personalized messaging and keeps contacts engaged during each stage of the buyer’s journey. With a 360-degree view of your customers, you’ll better understand their engagement and how to best respond to win more business.

With Adobe Marketing Cloud, your business can create and deliver engaging customer experiences across all touchpoints. Drive brand awareness and create new business development opportunities, ensuring that your company is maximizing their marketing investment every step of the way.

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Create and Nurture Leads

Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing. Connect sales and marketing, automate processes, and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing results.

Align Sales and Marketing

Enable your sales and marketing efforts to target accounts that are most likely to generate the largest revenue. Personalize the buyer’s journey for account-level leads with custom content, and nurture activities to maximize revenue.

Make Smarter Decisions

Target the right audience with dynamic segmentation, lead scoring models, and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify high priority prospects and contact them at the right time with smart scheduling.


  • Campaign builder & manager
  • Marketing lists
  • Analytics reporting
  • Social platform
  • Media ad optimizer
  • Audience manager
  • Experience manager
  • A/B testing

Why MCA Connect & Microsoft?

Microsoft is leading the digital transformation revolution and has invested billions of dollars in building a worldwide cloud computing infrastructure that enables their modern business application solutions capable of replacing legacy systems. When you combine Microsoft software with MCA Connect’s expertise, your technology becomes a strategic asset that sets you apart from competition.

At MCA Connect, we help you break down the walls between sales and marketing to deliver powerful reporting, lead generation capabilities, and business intelligence that ties into and aligns with sales. We’ll show you how to drive collaboration and productivity with greater transparency across your marketing operations and entire organization.

Client Success

“With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we have the tools we need to match and potentially surpass our competitors in terms of customer satisfaction.”

Sebastien Chambert, GM of Business Operations


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“Dynamics 365 has everything we need to create enterprise visibility and achieve our business vision.”

Eric Paladino


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“MCA Connect feels like part of our team. Their consultants are great at what they do, very professional and organized, but also warm and friendly. That personal connection makes a big difference because we work together so closely.”

Codi Nichols, Project Lead


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