Fixed Interval Scheduling

Master Planning Re-Imagined

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you know that manufacturers get hundreds of orders a day. Some organizations receive highly unique and complex custom orders. When companies manufacture custom orders, the operations have been optimized to the point that they can build what the customer requests and ship it. They use the custom orders to drive their manufacturing. This type of manufacturing is fundamentally different from the rest and most master planning systems haven’t been built for the build-to-order concept. These types of manufacturers need a solution that can revolutionize their material, labor, and machine utilization by allowing windows of scheduling in hours instead of days.

The Solution

Fixed Interval Scheduling acts as a gateway to scheduling those custom orders. The solution evaluates the high priority orders first and determines if there is the capacity, materials, assembly line, and machines to build it. If yes, the solution then schedules the order and calls for the materials so the order can be completed. Fixed Interval Scheduling selects and schedules only the orders that can be built, finished, and shipped now, so there are no partially complete products sitting on the shop floor. This solution logically looks at order by order and groups them based on priority, then only schedules the orders to fill capacity. It will never release orders that can’t be completed. We have implemented this solution at Dell, and they now know what materials are always available for their scheduled orders and there won’t be any work-in-progress products on their floor.

With Fixed Interval Scheduling, you get a snapshot of your immediate inventory whether you own the part, or a supplier owns it. The solution looks at inventory as vendor-managed vs company-owned. This way you can maximize your company-owned inventory and not take more ownership of vendor inventory, so you can reduce your carrying costs with those vendors.

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Benefits of Fixed Interval Scheduling

Reduced work-in-process orders on the manufacturing floor


On-time deliveries with better scheduling


Improved cash flow with quicker turnaround times


Very accurate product demand requirements

Why MCA Connect?

For manufacturers looking to gain a competitive advantage through technology, MCA Connect is a Global Systems Integrator and Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner that delivers and supports operational transformation. By combining product and industry expertise with our proven strategic alignment methods, only MCA Connect can consistently deliver innovative solutions that help clients realize their vision, as evidenced by our repeated recognition from Microsoft and the millions of dollars we’ve helped clients add to their bottom line.

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Client Success

“Dynamics 365 has everything we need to create enterprise visibility and achieve our business vision.”

Eric Paladino


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“At the first factory where we deployed Microsoft Dynamics, they refer to it as the “Magic Energy System”. It was really fulfilling to have the system accepted so rapidly by the factory floor operators.”

Matt Griffiths, Executive Director of Manufacturing IT


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“With Dynamics AX, we can measure things today that we couldn’t measure before. We can see where the issues are and target specific improvements. We can reduce inventory, increase productivity and improve adherence to schedule.”

Bill Battershell, CFO

Rochester Gauges

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