ERP Process Areas

Tailoring your ERP Through Business Process Areas

During every ERP implementation, there are certain process areas that determine the scope of the project. Instead of implementing your system based on modules, we take a deeper dive into your company’s business processes and determine from there which of our ERP process areas align with your objectives.

A key differentiator for MCA Connect is our implementation approach, MCA Spectrum, that determines which areas of your business apply to strategic intent vs strategic fit. Instead of transforming your business to meet the needs of technology, we use these identified ERP process areas to tailor the technology to meet your business needs.

MCA Connect ERP Process Areas

Design to Market

A critical process area for all Dynamics 365 users that essentially manages all products – sold and purchased. Acting as the backbone of all transactions, the Design to Market implementation team helps customers make critical decisions regarding their products, including how they are sold, purchased, scheduled, priced and stored. This process area touches almost every main module in Dynamics 365.


  • Product Information
  • Management
  • Inventory Management

Procure to Pay

This process area utilizes pieces of inventory management and product information to supplement its area of expertise for procurement, helping customers procure their raw materials at an optimal price point through requisitions, agreements, quotations and discounting. Dynamics 365 offers extensive functionality and out-of-the-box workflows to systematically route transactions for approval.


  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Inventory Management

Order to Cash

As another critical process area that some consider the most important, Order to Cash helps to manage all customer transactions. Customer master details, payment terms, and order defaults are a few examples of items managed by Order to Cash. In addition, users can manage customer contacts and integrate seamlessly with Office 365 for easy look-up and management in just one system.


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounts Receivable


Much of the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations functionality exists in this major process area. Posted transactions to bank transactions are captured seamlessly. 80% of user transactions are accounted for and automatically posted to the General Ledger, eliminating the need for users to need to choose the correct ledger account and mitigating risk of mistakes.


  • General Ledger
  • Cash & Bank Management
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Consolidations
  • Expense Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Project Accounting
  • Tax

Prospect to Quote

Often referred to as the pre-sales process area, Prospect to Quote feeds data into the Order to Cash process area. Strong Customer Engagement functionality exists here that helps users identify future customer accounts and contacts. In addition, users can produce questionnaires and campaigns to alert future and current customers on company happenings or promotions.


  • Sales & Marketing

Plan to Production

As the main process area of Finance & Operations, our team ensures all aspects of production flow are captured and finely tuned to minimize wasted manual processes, effort and time. We maximize functionality to manage the overall production schedule related to human and machine resources. Users get alerts if machine capacity is over threshold & which workers have skills for certain machines.


  • Production Control
  • Costing
  • Master Planning

Why MCA Connect?

MCA Connect has long been recognized as a leading ERP partner by Microsoft, winning multiple awards and consistently delivering innovative solutions that save companies millions of dollars.

Our team of consultants have the skills and experience to work in complex business environments with evolving needs. Whether you need to streamline your operations across many business lines, optimize your operations across borders or simply need a more agile enterprise solution, you can trust that we deliver innovative solutions with exceptional results.

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